Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Session Olivia + Alex

Olivia + Alex’s chicago riverwalk engagement session

We started Olivia + Alex’s Chicago Riverwalk engagement session with at the Boardwalk section of the Chicago Riverwalk. The river branches at this point. We had gorgeous late afternoon sun come streaming through the buildings. 

When it comes to your significant other, it’s the little things that mean so much. For our shoot, Alex had to work a later shift at the hospital. Because he knew she’d worry all day that he would be late, he didn’t tell her. He had to do a mad dash from Evanston across town to the Riverwalk, but he was the first one there. In turn, Olivia brought Alex a shirt to change into because she knew he would forget.

Olivia + Alex met in Miami when they were both volunteering for a program to help children with medical care and learning english. Currently, Alex is doing his residency at the University of Chicago and Olivia is a teacher, so their career skills definitely came in for their volunteering. 


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