Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Summer Photography Francesca + Roberto

Roberto + Francesca’s Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Summer Photography Shoot

We started Roberto + Francesca’s Chicago Riverwalk engagement summer photography shoot with an amazing view of the Wrigley Building and the Chicago Riverwalk. The spot is always beautiful and crowded. Luckily, Francesca’s cousin was in town from LA and acted as stylist and bouncer. 

Roberto + Francesca met because their parents were good  friends. When they met as teens, Roberto knew instantly that he would marry the Italian beauty. Because they were so young, the smitten Roberto waited to make his move. He knew a good thing when he saw it! They are from traditional Sicilian families, where patience and respect are truly virtues. So Roberto waited. Years later, they met again and their love story began. 

As usual, the Chicago Riverwalk did not fail to deliver amazing view of the city and bright setting sun.

Francesca and Roberto live with their respective parents, an hour away from each other. It is so sweet that they so dedicated to keeping their relationship traditional, that they travel a long distance everyday to see each other. 



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