Danada House Wedding Bridget + Joey Cleveland Indians

Bridget + Joey had the most beautiful sun filled day for their Danada House wedding.


“Bridget, I’m forever grateful to you. I’m a better man in every possible way because of you. And I love you for that. I’m grateful for how much you love my family and how easy it is for them to love you too.”

Danada House Wedding


“Every experience, every new place, every celebration is sweeter with you. Joey, you are my best friend, my handsome goofball and my forever teammate.”

Their gorgeous Danada House wedding was filled with love, laughter. Because Bridget + Joey are so dedicated to the Cleveland Indians, guests were encouraged to watch the Indians game during dinner! Thankfully they won!

When Bridget was working at the Cane County Cougars as an intern, she never imagined that she would find the man of her dreams in a fellow intern. Bridget + Joey share a love of baseball, traveling and watching football on Sundays. It was definitely fate when they both were offered jobs with the Cleveland Indians. 



Joey’s family is a tight knit game loving family. Joey’s brother Tom, delivered a best man speech that should win an award. Hysterically funny, but incredible sweet at all the right moments. 

“If you buy Kate one single slurpee when you’re not expecting it, you got Kate’s vote, you’re in.”

Tom’s rules to getting into the Sullivan family:

Make a crazy good impression
Be competitive
Love each other through the crappy times
Take care of Kate

 “Joe and I are a dynamic due, we can’t let a third person in… I love this girl. Mostly how she treats my best friend. And I know that as long as you two are together, she will treat Joe that way.”


Danada House Wedding
Danada House Wedding


Ceremony/Reception: Danada House
Hair/Makeup: Hairs 2 the Bride
Eats: Uncle Bubs
Florals: Blue Orchid Creations
DJ: Music By Design
Sweets: Nothing Bundt Cakes

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