Saint Mary of the Angels Wedding Francesca + Roberto


Francesca got ready at her parent’s house after spending her last night in her childhood home. Her Italian parents nervously making sure everything was perfect for the big day. She got into her gorgeous wedding dress with her mom and cousin as her big family waiting anxiously to see her. Bittersweet tears welled in her Dad’s eyes as he saw her walking down the stairs. Since they are such a close Italian family, this was a very emotional moment. Her Dad escorted her to Saint Mary of the Angels church in his brand new white Maserati. Talk about an exit!



Francesca + Roberto have known each other since they were little kids. Roberto knew someday he would marry beautiful Francesca. But he bided his time waiting patiently on the sidelines as they grew up.



As their Saint Mary of the Angels wedding ceremony began, the excitement was in the air. The love in Roberto’s eyes as he watched Francesca coming down the aisle was obvious. He tried to stifle back tears for emotional moment. 

It was an incredibly hot June day, but nothing was going to spoil there moment of pure joy and happiness! Francesca + Roberto jumped in her Dad’s Maserati to Millennium Park for photos. 


Millennium Park Wedding
Millennium Park Wedding
Millennium Park Wedding


Because it was a big Italian wedding, a big celebration was planned for Venutti’s Italian Restaurant. Francesca’s Dad gave an incredible speech. Well, I’m sure it was. Because he spoke all in Italian, I couldn’t understand a word, but there were tears across the whole head table.

Since many of their guests traveled from Italy, Francesca + Roberto made sure to personally greet everyone. Because they chose Ed Sheeran’s duet with Andrea Bocelli for their first dance, it was an emotional moment. 

After the wedding, the newlyweds were heading to Italy for a romantic two week honeymoon. Congratulations!


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